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What is an Energy Coach?

And why would you want one?

Find out why
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WHAT IS Energy Coaching?

Energy Coaching is a holistic technique that can lead to profound shifts in mood and perspective in a very short span of time.

Touch for Health Energy Coaches use muscle testing to help us discover where energy is stuck in our bodies, and simple corrections to unblock the flow and get back into our natural state of balance. 

In an Energy Coaching session (or balance), you bring up a topic of that feels stressful and your coach asks you several questions about it. Later, your coach would use some simple touch techniques to “balance” or clear the stress around the issue.

When the session ends, you feel better about the stressful topic you came in with. You may also have new insights about your behavior & attitudes related to the topic, as well as a new perspective on how to proceed. As you return to your daily activities, you may notice that your feelings on the subject have shifted and more possibilities are open to you.

Why Would I want and Energy Coaching Session?

Well, since everyone has problems, and everyone wants those problems to go away, why wouldn’t you want to use energy coaching to put that stress behind you? Sometimes talking out a problem with a good friend, mentor or spouse is all you need to move past a problem. And sometimes getting the right advice or reading a book does the trick. Sometimes it doesn’t. Energy Coaching is for when advice or books (or chocolate) don’t help.

Whether the issue is big or small, things feel less stressful with Energy Coaching. There’s stuck energy (beliefs, painful emotions, patterns, societal constructs) behind all those stresses. Why not “erase” it so you can move on and enjoy your life?

What types of stresses could be cleared?

Here are some ideas of problems or stresses you could clear up using Energy Coaching:

  • Feel more confident about speaking in front of groups – save your shirts from armpit sweat!

  • Cure the laziness that sets in every time you say your going to organize your garage.

  • Allow the grief of a loss or failure to pass through, instead of sinking you.

  • End your obsession with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

  • Let go of anger and resentment toward someone who has wronged you.

  • Find the courage or clarity you need to leave or find peace with a job or relationship that isn’t working anymore.

  • Reduce negative self talk – blaming and shaming yourself for everything.

  • Insert your idea here!!

Who doesn’t want to clear stuff like that?

Take my money! I want in!

What is an Energy Coaching Session Like?

First, here’s what it’s NOT. Energy Coaching is different from advice, counseling or therapy, although it does incorporate some of those aspects. It’s not a psychic reading, e.g. we will not predict the future or tell you where Granny hid the family jewels. We can’t tell you anything about other people (e.g. Is my ex husband gay?).  We do not have an agenda – we don’t know what is best for your life. We believe that you know what is best for you, and we want to help you tap into that knowing.

OK, so now to explain what an Energy Coaching session IS.

First, you’ll fill out some paperwork and talk with your Energy Coach for a bit. She will introduce you to the energy kinesiology/muscle response testing we use in Coaching so you have a mini education on what it’s like and how it works. Then she’ll ask you something like, “What could be better about your life?” And you’ll respond by sharing a stressful aspect of your life that you’d like to improve.

Your coach will ask you questions about the stress, such as: What is most stressful? How is the issue affecting different areas of your life? How would you feel if the stressful issue were resolved? etc. Once you’ve talked for a while (maybe 15-20 minutes) your coach will start to guide you toward setting a goal that you would like to reach. The goal is stated in the positive and present tense and will relate directly to the stress you’ve been talking about. Example: “Other people’s driving is irritates me so much” could lead to this goal statement: “I feel calm and safe when I’m driving.” It’s very likely that your goal will feel untrue. That means it’s a good goal because there’s stress to be balanced!

Now that your goal is set, your coach will use energy kinesiology to find the muscles and meridians that are affected by the stress (more about how this is done later) and balance them.

Balancing means that the muscles and meridians are brought to a more optimal or homeostatic state of performance. During this part of the session, you might be laying down on a massage table, sitting in a chair, or standing. It’s completely up to you and your comfort level.

Your coach will test many different muscles (a minimum of 14 on both sides of the body). Some muscles will lock/hold easily and others will unlock/not hold. The ones that don’t hold are an indication of where stress is being held in the body. We will use some energy/touch techniques, movements, questions or metaphors that will “balance” or clear the stress around the issue.

Once your energy is balanced, the session is complete. Your coach will recheck all the unlocked muscles to make sure that all muscles are locked and all energy circuits are clear.

Are you ready to try it? Your life may never be the same!

Energy Coaching uses muscle response testing to identify stress or blockages in the energy meridians. We “correct” the stress by using a variety of energy and touch-based “correction methods” that are based on what the body is asking for (via muscle response testing).

The correction methods are based on more than 50 years of experience and research from chiropractors (mostly) and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here are a few of the techniques we use to correct the energy imbalances:

  • Neurolymphatic massage – vigorous rubbing to stimulate the lymph system which may be done by facilitator or client

  • Spinal reflex points – gentle rubbing of the spine

  • Neurovascular points – lightly touching spots on the head

  • Tracing meridians – tracing the meridian lines with hands

  • Muscle reset – touching origin and insertion points or belly of the muscle

  • Acupressure – gently holding points to direct energy flows (like acupuncture but without needles)

Your body will indicate the best technique to use at any given time and not every coach uses all of the techniques.

OK, but what kinds of simple techniques?

Is this Energy Work?

Energy Coaching is a type of “energy work.”


Energy Coaching is unique from other energy work in that it uses muscle testing and involves talking and cooperation between coach and client. It’s also unique in that it balances the energy around a specific goal, so it is of particular interest to people with a growth mindset.

All energy work (Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Healing) has essentially the same goal, which is to help balance the body’s energy systems in order to alleviate stress, ailments and disease.

So if all energy work has the same goal, why are they different?

The difference seems to be in how or what methods they use to balance the energy and what energy field(s) they are balancing. For example, acupuncture uses needles to access the energy meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki uses touch to access the energy chakras which originated in India before 500 BC.


How soon will I feel results?

Some people notice that they feel better about the stressful topic immediately. Others notice it more as they return to their day to day activities because they feel less emotionally triggered by the stress. Many times the associated aches, pains, and symptoms clear when the stress is cleared. 

Is this a form of medical treatment?

No. We do not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. Our treatments balance the body to boost it’s own natural healing ability.

What about confidentiality?

The relationship between coach and client is built on trust and respect. Whatever you say to your coach is confidential. Your coach is not going to judge you or your circumstances. She is there to listen and empower you. She honors your struggle and celebrates your victories. She can also honor your silence and perform an energy balance without any talking. You bring up the stress just by thinking about it.

How long has Energy Kinesiology been around and why haven't I heard about it before?

Everything an Energy Coach does is based on Touch for Health, a system of energy balancing created by chiropractor John Thie in the 1960’s to help lay people care for their health and balance their energy. Touch for Health spawned many other healing modalities or kinesiologies like Brain Gym and Heart Math.

By now you are thinking this sounds like the best kept secret in stress management, so why doesn’t everyone know about it? Even though Energy Kinesiology has been around since the 1960’s it’s not well known in the United States like it is in other countries.  It’s not being utilized as the practical tool for self-care and holistic health that it is. There are many reasons why it hasn’t taken off in the USA – primarily, our culture does not support alternative medicine and educating people in the benefits of balancing energy to stay well.

Zenbrio House is committed to demystifying Energy Kinesiology, and making it more fun and accessible for everyday people.  Join us for our classes at Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology and learn how to do this for yourself and your family. 


The week after my Energy Coaching appointment the stress that I was dealing with had completely gone. A month later, I am still feeling the relief and enjoying the lifting of that weight. Plus, it was a blast! 


Are you ready to try it? Your life may never be the same!

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