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Sara McRae

Founder of ZenbrioHouse, Licensed Massage Therapist,
Touch for Health Instructor & Energy Kinesiology Coach 


I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

I specialize in Energy Kinesiology and therapeutic massage for personal alignment and performance.  I support First Responders, athletes and those recovering from injury, trauma or stressful life events to recover and thrive. I will help you feel delicious in your body, perform better with ease, and have more fun doing what you enjoy!  

I offer in-person and online sessions, that provide whole body relief integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine, posture alignment, and goal-oriented Energy Kinesiology (a fancy way of saying "simple but powerful stress management techniques that really work! With a dash of manifestational magic!") 

Clients experience significant and often profound changes in very short spans of time. Sessions clear your personal patterns of stress (what you don't want), and align you with your personal goals and desires (what you DO want) while simultaneously balancing your posture and energy systems.  Improvements are experienced physically, mental/emotionally, and energetically with this integrative holistic approach.


What can be better in your life?  


We will focus on any subject that is important to you. There are limitless possibilities. Is there something you want to heal, overcome, accomplish, achieve, clear, attract, manifest, or align with?  It doesn’t matter the language you use - I want to assist you in making it MUCH easier. 


See me as an ally to expedite your progress through bodywork. Someone who can help you make quantum leaps in your personal and important expansion - REALLY!  Many find Energy Kinesiology to be an "easy button" for personal growth, transformation and healing.

I’m excited for you to experience Energy Kinesiology and feel delicious in your body again!  You'll find that it is fun, insightful, and it gets results.

“Energy Kinesiology is pure magic. It’s the most fun, fascinating and powerful healing wizardry I know!”

I’ve moved beyond skepticism, and the belief that body and mind are separate. Even when healing techniques “look funny” because they’re thousands of years old, come from other cultures, or work with systems of the body I can’t see, my healing philosophy is simple: “Show me what works and I’ll do that.”

Learn Energy Kinesiology

It is my passion to share this profound healing modality with as many people as possible. 
I would be so thrilled if you’d like to learn more, or join me for a class!


Sara is a certified educator for wellness professionals. ALL classes are open to the public and clients are encouraged to learn! 

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Book a Session

The type of bodywork I do is unique. Aches, pains, and symptoms are compensations for stress, and Energy Kinesiology works to diffuse the underlying pattern of stress. The process is fun and interactive. It not only restores balance in the posture so the body feels good, it clears blockages that may be in the way of feeling better mentally and emotionally. 

Sara accepts some insurance, find out more here:  Insurance Billing

What Sets Me Apart From Other Massage Therapists?

MY APPROACH IS HOLISTIC, and the techniques I use come from over 50 years of research by Applied Kinesiologists and Chiropractors, blended with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Massage relaxes muscles and feels great, but I get better results with Energy Kinesiology. 

I work primarily with the the muscular system, nervous system, and meridians. The process is called “balancing” or “energy coaching” and it involves activating muscles and improving their function using reflex techniques. Your session may include acupressure, manual muscle work, gentle holding points on the head, use of metaphors and movement, and more. It’s a blended toolkit of Eastern and Western medicine to relieve stress. 

Sessions are interactive and require your cooperation and feedback. You will feel results in your body in real time as you notice greater comfort, ease, and range of motion. Since balancing the energy systems is included, many people notice improvements in their energy levels and mood.

For more information about Energy Kinesiology, check out our BLOG

Who do I help?

I PROVIDE CONFIDENTIAL SUPPORT and quality bodywork to help people recover from stressful events and carry out their life’s work with more ease. The type of bodywork I do is especially beneficial for those working or performing in a hectic or demanding environment. Energy Kinesiology is designed to diffuse stress and keep energy levels up.

I enjoy helping people who have habits, thoughts or patterns they would like to break free of.  As well as those who want to release the weight of past behavior or choices. Guilt, regret, embarrassment and shame are important stresses to diffuse from the body for good health. Energy balancing can provide release of this stress and it doesn’t require me knowing any of the details.

And if you are just looking to relieve headaches or an aching back, I know what it’s like to spend weeks on end in front of a computer, and I know how it feels to finish a marathon, so I know how to help you feel better whether your body aches from sitting in a chair or running 26.2 miles on pavement. 

Healing is not the fixing of something broken (you are NOT broken), it is the integration of the parts back into the whole. I cannot “fix” you. I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose and treat disease. I focus on the stress, not the symptoms. My approach involves bringing the whole body to a higher state of homeostasis so that your body’s ability to heal itself is activated. 

I want you to feel better. I want you to experience your full potential. I want to help you in your ongoing quest toward overall fitness and well-being. You deserve to feel better and experience more joy! 

Will There Be Homework?

I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR so I do not diagnose, give advice or prescribe anything.  I also won’t judge you on what you are doing (or not doing) for your self-care. I will never tell you what you “should” or “should not” be doing. That’s up to you!  

When at-home or on-the-job self-care techniques are helpful to you, I am happy to provide suggestions.  I enjoy helping you to build a daily energy routine, or pre or post workout techniques for performance and recovery. Everything in my office is offered as a take it or a leave it idea, and it’s up to you to decide what works for you.

Clients often say things like, “I know I should be stretching more and I’m not.” There is no shame in that. Stretching is not for everyone. There are other self-care techniques that get results that you may actually enjoy doing!

If you have been prescribed Physical Therapy or post-surgery exercises by another care provider, it’s important that you do them exactly as prescribed. If you are finding that difficult, I can help you explore ways to make it easier.

What is my Healing Philosophy?

A Little More Background

Sara graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2004 and earned her Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructor certification from the International Kinesiology College in 2015.  

Before transitioning into the health and wellness field, Sara was a business professional with experience in leadership, operations, and continuous improvement. She was a sedentary work-aholic, dreaming of a way to feel good and enjoy life. 

Sara is an open-minded skeptic who never thought she’d be working with energy medicine. She runs marathons with little emphasis on actual training and more emphasis on her Energy Kinesiology techniques, and she is a huge fan of naps. She is quick to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Sara McRae, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor
License 12674
NCBTMB Provider #050467-00


Just when I think Sara can’t get any more amazing, she does! She has so many ways to treat. I can now turn my head without a certain muscle pulling me back. I didn’t think that was possible. I am gaining hope for things I had given up on and still learning things I can do at home. She is a great therapist, but also a great teacher. I can’t explain some of what she does, but I am experiencing the results, and look forward to each visit and moving closer to “wellness”. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!! 


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