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Sara McRae, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Touch for Health Instructor,
Energy Kinesiology Coach & Founder of Zenbrio House


Hello, I'm Sara McRae, and I'm excited to connect with you!

About Me:
I specializ
e in Energy Kinesiology and therapeutic massage for personal alignment and performance. My passion is to support First Responders, athletes, and those recovering from injury, trauma, or stressful life events to recover and thrive. I am dedicated to helping you perform better with ease, and experience more joy in doing what you enjoy!

Sara's practice is temporarily closed while she recovers from a medical procedure.  Please email her at for priority booking once she re-opens. Thank you.

What I Offer:
Through in-person and online sessions, I provide comprehensive whole body relief for your entire being. My integrative approach blends the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, posture alignment, therapeutic massage, and the profound transformational modality Energy Kinesiology. Energy Kinesiology involves simple yet powerful stress management techniques and a holistic process to align you with your goals, making even the most challenging aspirations feel within reach!  Experience significant and often profound changes in a remarkably short time, as my personalized sessions lead to physical rejuvenation, mental/emotional clarity, and an energized state of well-being.

Confidential Support for Your Well-Being:
I am dedicated to providing confidential support and quality bodywork to help you recover from stressful events and carry out your life's work with more ease. My approach is especially beneficial for those working or performing in hectic or demanding environments, including First Responders, Caregivers, and high achievers, giving your a boost to excel in both your personal and professional pursuits.

Your Personal Growth & Goals:
At the heart of our journey together lies your unique vision for personal growth and success. Think of me as an ally to expedite your progress through bodywork. We will focus on whatever is important to you, whether you seek healing, triumph over challenges, realization of dreams, liberation from blockages, attracting what you want, or alignment with your deepest desires – consider me your ally, guiding you through this transformative process with dedicated bodywork. Energy Kinesiology is a fun, enlightening and enjoyable path to self discovery and holistic healing. I would love to assist you to tap into your potential, and create balance that resonates throughout your entire being and your life. 

Unique Approach:
My unique and holistic approach to bodywork sets me apart from other massage therapists. With over 50 years of research by Applied Kinesiologists and Chiropractors, blended with Traditional Chinese Medicine, I work primarily with the muscular system, nervous system, and meridians. The process involves activating muscles and improving their function using reflex techniques, and restoring "chi" or life-force energy to the needed organs and areas of the body. Your session may include acupressure, manual muscle work, metaphors, sound frequencies, movement, and more. This blended toolkit of Eastern and Western medicine effectively relieves stress and enhances your well-being.

Break Free from Unwanted Stress:

I take great pleasure in empowering individuals to overcome hindering patterns and stresses that impede personal growth. With Energy Kinesiology, you can liberate yourself from the weight of past events, trauma, patterns of behavior, subconscious beliefs and other burdens, fostering a path towards a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

Ready to Feel Your Best?
Experience the joy of feeling delicious in your body again! My sessions are interactive, requiring your cooperation and feedback. You'll notice real-time results, including greater comfort, ease, range of motion, improved energy levels, and mood.

Book a Session:
Ready to take the next step towards your well-being and performance goals? Book a session with me today and discover the transformative power of Energy Kinesiology and therapeutic massage.

Serving First Responders

Enhancing Mental Health for First Responders:

As a passionate advocate for the well-being of first responders, I believe that both Energy Kinesiology and massage therapy play a crucial role in supporting their mental and physical health. The demanding nature of their profession often leads to accumulated stress, tension, and emotional strain. Energy Kinesiology can help release emotional blockages and restore inner harmony, fostering resilience and coping skills. Moreover, therapeutic massage provides a nurturing space for relaxation and rejuvenation, helping to alleviate anxiety, promote better sleep, and reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress. I am dedicated to providing a holistic approach that empowers first responders to prioritize mental health, and to be a supportive ally on your journey to greater success and peace of mind.

“Energy Kinesiology is a remarkably potent healing modality, blending elements of Eastern and Western techniques. It offers an enjoyable journey of alignment, empowering individuals with its profound and transformative effects."!”

Insurance Billing For Your Convenience

As part of my commitment to providing accessible wellness solutions, I am pleased to offer insurance billing services, especially for Pacific Source policyholders, first responders, and city workers.

Your well-being is my priority, and I strive to make my services as convenient and inclusive as possible. To learn more about insurance coverage and the billing process, please visit our Insurance Billing Page.


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Unlock Your Potential With Energy Kinesiology Classes

Discover the secrets to better health, improved performance, and a deeper connection to your body through Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology classes.

These transformative courses will equip you with invaluable skills in holistic medicine, enabling you to erase pain,  balance posture and create emotional harmony within yourself and others.

Are you ready to take charge of your wellness journey? Click the link below to explore our comprehensive Energy Kinesiology classes and take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life!

I’ve moved beyond skepticism, and the belief that body and mind are separate. Even when healing techniques “look funny” because they’re thousands of years old, come from other cultures, or work with systems of the body I can’t see, my healing philosophy is simple: “Show me what works and I’ll do that.”

Will There Be Homework?

I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR so I do not diagnose, give advice or prescribe anything.  I also won’t judge you on what you are doing (or not doing) for your self-care. I will never tell you what you “should” or “should not” be doing. That’s up to you!  

When at-home or on-the-job self-care techniques are helpful to you, I am happy to provide suggestions.  I enjoy helping you to build a daily energy routine, or pre or post workout techniques for performance and recovery. Everything in my office is offered as a take it or a leave it idea, and it’s up to you to decide what works for you.

Clients often say things like, “I know I should be stretching more and I’m not.” There is no shame in that. Stretching is not for everyone. There are other self-care techniques that get results that you may actually enjoy doing!

If you have been prescribed Physical Therapy or post-surgery exercises by another care provider, it’s important that you do them exactly as prescribed. If you are finding that difficult, I can help you explore ways to make it easier.

What is my Healing Philosophy?

Healing is not the fixing of something broken (you are NOT broken), it is the integration of the parts back into the whole. I cannot “fix” you. I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose and treat disease. I focus on the stress, not the symptoms. My approach involves bringing the whole body to a higher state of homeostasis so that your body’s ability to heal itself is activated. 

I want you to feel better. I want you to experience your full potential. I want to help you in your ongoing quest toward overall fitness and well-being. You deserve to feel better and experience more joy! 

A Little More Background

Sara graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2004 and earned her Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructor certification from the International Kinesiology College in 2015.  

Before transitioning into the health and wellness field, Sara was a business professional with experience in leadership, operations, and continuous improvement. She was a sedentary work-aholic, dreaming of a way to feel good and enjoy life. 

Sara is an open-minded skeptic who never thought she’d be working with energy medicine. She runs marathons with little emphasis on actual training and more emphasis on her Energy Kinesiology techniques, and she is a huge fan of naps. She is quick to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Sara McRae, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor
License 12674
NCBTMB Provider #050467-00


Just when I think Sara can’t get any more amazing, she does! She has so many ways to treat. I can now turn my head without a certain muscle pulling me back. I didn’t think that was possible. I am gaining hope for things I had given up on and still learning things I can do at home. She is a great therapist, but also a great teacher. I can’t explain some of what she does, but I am experiencing the results, and look forward to each visit and moving closer to “wellness”. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!! 


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