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What is Touch for Health
Energy Kinesiology?

And, why is it so amazing?


WHAT IS Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology?


Touch For Health is a system of holistic health care, blending Eastern and Western healing techniques to balance one’s posture, energy and mood to improve well-being and achieve goals.

Touch For Health has significant, positive effects on a wide range of health issues, and empowers individuals to be in charge of their life and health.

Based on Chinese Medicine, chiropractic muscle testing, correction reflexes, and supportive communication, Touch For Health teaches you how to balance the “whole” person to improve all aspects of their life.

The skills that Touch for Health offers are invaluable for use at the home, the gym, or the treatment room.


Students learn muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to discover the underlying stress behind physical, energetic, and emotional blocks. You’ll also learn:

  • how to find weak muscles and strengthen them

  • to correct pain and postural imbalances

  • identify foods/supplements to support your system

  • overcome stuck patterns to achieve goals

  • practical methods to release stress

  • daily energizers

  • gentle touch reflexes, meridians and more.

Courses are open to anyone interested in holistic health. Find Classes

Who Uses Touch for Health?



Developed by Dr. John Thie, Touch For Health was intended for lay people to have a simple, powerful tool to help themselves and their family to improve their health.

Dr. Thie studied Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Goodheart in the 60’s, developed Touch For Health in the 1970’s, with the book first published in 1973. He was passionate about developing a system which would empower people to promote and maintain their own health and help them meet their life goals.

Today, Touch For Health is a comprehensive system of holistic techniques, which anyone can learn and use to improve their health.

Touch For Health is now an internationally recognized qualification with its methods being used by medical doctors, naturopaths, athletic trainers, nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other health and well-being professionals to enhance their practices.

Touch For Health falls under the branch of complimentary therapy known as Energy Kinesiology – systems of healing that use manual muscle bio-feedback to determine which stimuli stress the body, and how that stress can be decreased.

Touch For Health is recognized and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in its own right.


Most of our Zenbrio House Team are trained in the field of holistic health called Energy Kinesiology, specialize in modality called Touch For Health, and provide Balances for individual healing, as well as classes and workshops for wellness professionals and families.

While each practitioner may also specialize in an additional healing modality such as massage, ayurveda, or yoga therapy, we are unique in our ability to integrate kinesiology into all of your healing sessions.


Everyone, no matter what age or fitness level can learn and benefit from Touch for Health.

Children and teens love balancing sessions to help them with their ability to focus, study, and achieve at school and athletics.

Adults benefit from balancing to overcome fears, triggers, and unconscious programming, and to help with goals, relationships, and anything they would like to be able to do with more ease.

Classes are ideal for anyone interested in natural health, as well for as the experienced wellness practitioner who wants to add this amazing process to their toolkit.

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