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Telehealth Sessions

Connect with a certified Touch For Health practitioner online.

Experience virtual sessions to relieve pain, boost wellness, and achieve your goals from home!

Online Wellness 

With Sara McRae, LMT

Join me in embracing the future of wellness through Telehealth and Touch For Health Kinesiology . Explore how your online session will help you feel delicious in your body and achieve the goals that matter most to you. I will guide you through an interactive experience that will connect you to your inner guidance and balance your posture, energy, and outlook for a healthier and happier you.

About Telehealth

Telehealth sessions are 90minutes and take place over Zoom.  


Step 1 - Book Your Appointment: Use the "Book With Sara" button below to schedule your Telehealth session.  To accommodate those in other time zones, you may also request alternate schedule time by emailing me at .  We can explore if our schedules can match!

Step 2 - Pay For Your Appointment: Once you book your appointment you will get a confirmation email and an invoice email.  Online sessions must be paid in advance, at least 48hours  before your appointment.  We are not able to bill insurance for telehealth sessions at this time. 

Step 3 - Fill out the Intake Form: Please fill out the form (below) at least 4 hours before your session.

Step 4 - Connect On Zoom:  The day of your appointment you will get an email with your Zoom meeting invitation.  Plan to join the meeting a few minutes early and set up in a spot you can move around a little bit.

Thank you. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Telehealth Intake

How To Prepare For Your Telehealth Session:

Complete the pre-assessment form (below). This allows us to compare before and after, and note any positive improvements.

Be well hydrated – it’s best if you have a glass of pure water before we start.
(Yes, bathroom breaks during our session is totally okay!)

Setup your phone or computer in a location where I can see you and you can move around a little bit. We will be doing interactive bodywork where I will be walking you through various movements.

Think about what you would like out of your session. We can do a generic tune-up session to help you feel better overall, or we can balance for something specific.

These questions can help narrow it down:

  • What could be better?

  • How do you want to feel, that you are not feeling right now?

  • Is there something challenging, a problem, or a goal you want to achieve?

  • What is causing you stress, and how would you like to respond differently?

Telehealth Intake Form
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