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ZenbrioHouse Wellness Center

Our mission is to educate and empower everyday people in holistic health.

Zenbrio House is Wellness Center in Eugene, Oregon. We integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine and Touch For Health Kinesiology into our treatments to help you achieve goals in ways you may have never thought possible.


Our team of independent therapists provide a variety of services including Energy Kinesiology, Therapeutic Massage, Facials, Sound Healing and other holistic services to keep our clients balanced body, mind and spirit.


Our center is also a certified continuing education provider for licensed massage therapists, acupuncturists, and athletic trainers as well as offering wellness classes for the public.

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Zen – Peaceful like Buddha

Brio – Energy, vitality and spirit


At peace with your body, mind, and energy; in balance with the telos of your spirit.

Natural Health Care That Gets Results!

Take charge of your health and have fun doing it!

What is this Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology?

It can help with

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Mental Health


Identify nutritional deficiency or excess, and learn which foods and activities are balancing for your unique system.

Learn More about

Touch for Health

Move through past trauma, overcome fears, phobias, and unconscious sabotage.


Increase your ability to help yourself and others feel and function better (including pets!)


Enhance your recuperative powers.


Identify life goals and tune yourself and others to achieve them.


“Zenbrio is a great location with a fabulous healing vibe. I can’t wait to work my way through each of the practitioners at this new and exciting location.”


Our Team of Independent Therapists

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