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Telehealth - an Old Word with a New Perspective

Originally published in the Eugene Health Guide, Spring Summer 2020. Posted with permission.

Around the globe, respected healers have been providing telehealth and distance sessions for years, and people pay good money for it. There are healers who transcend the limitations of time and space to help you feel better, without any face-time at all.

Even as a bodyworker who works with subtle energies, my reservations about this type of healing have caused me to raise an eyebrow and pensively touch my chin (except right now I should not touch my chin, due to Covid).

When my practice was forced to close, I set aside my inner skeptic, and dove into finding out how telehealth sessions actually worked.

Was this a way I could continue to help my clients?

Would telehealth sessions even come close to yielding the results I get in the treatment room?

Click below to download article.

Telehealth EHG Spring 2020
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