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Electricity - The Invisible Energy In Your Body

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Let’s liken the energy system in your body to the electrical system in your house. Your body is electric, with an energy system in place to transport chi/or life energy to your vital organs and throughout your body.

This is similar to the way wires transport electricity to the various rooms, fixtures and devices in your home.

For example: When the room you walk into is dark, you turn on the switch and WhALA! You have light! How did that happen? It’s part of the electrical circuit in your home. Just because you can’t see it, does not mean it is not there, and the effect it brings.

But what if you turn on the switch and the light doesn’t come on? You check the switch, and turn it on and off, to no avail.

Something is not making a connection. You check the bulb and it’s fine, and you go to the circuit breaker box and find one of the breakers has switched off. Simple enough. You switch it back on and check the light switch again. You now have lights again.

What caused that? Perhaps the circuit was overloaded. Your body is similar. Stress can cause an electrical circuit to “switch off” just like a circuit breaker in your electrical box in your home. If you know how to reset it, or balance your body, you can turn the switch back on and get the energy flowing properly again.

Investigating Electrical Issues In Your Body

But what if you don’t know how to reset, or your solution isn’t working? For example:

  • You check the circuit breaker to find it is off, try switching it on again, but the lights do not come back on at all. As compared to your body, this is like trying the self-care you’ve always done, but this time it doesn’t work. You get no improvement.

  • You continually have to turn the breaker on. For your body, this is like when your self-care solution isn’t fixing the problem over time – the same problem or symptom keeps coming back. It may be the beginning of a chronic problem.

  • You find the issue is not just the light switch, but other switches and outlets in the same area. Now, you have a much broader issue with your electrical circuit in that part of the house. This is like having more symptoms and new problems coming up in your body.

  • You may find that there are electrical issues in the other rooms of your house. This is a much deeper electrical issue affecting many areas. This is like having a systemic issue that is affecting various parts of your body, multiple systems and functions, and your life.

“After doing all you can to fix the issue and perhaps realizing there is a bigger, or deeper issue than you can “fix,” what do you do? You need to call on an expert electrician or somebody with more training/certification. Right?”

I Think I Popped A Circuit - But Why?

How do our “electrical switches get blown”? Stress!!

We all have stress in our lives and most little stresses we experience on a daily basis can be overcome. But over time, when we are confronted with these same stresses day in and day out, without addressing them, they will add up. This can cause our circuitry systems to get blown or shut down. This leads to compensatory patterns and symptoms, chronic conditions and eventually disease.

What seems like small or day-to-day issues, begin to add up over time.

The same result may occur from a significantly stressful event. When you experience something that causes physical, emotional, electrical, and/or nutritional stress too challenging for the body to overcome without support, you may need to have circuits reset. Stressful events are incidents that trigger a strong reaction from your body. This could be pushing your body to it’s limits in physical performance, an injury or surgery, getting dehydrated during travel, getting into a fight with a loved one, working too many hours/days at a computer without moving around, eating something that doesn’t agree with you, or any number of things.

When your survival stress response is triggered by an event shocking to your system, it may affect more than just a circuit or two. The entire circuit breaker may be blown. After all, you had to draw a ton of energy from throughout your body to activate your fight, flight, or freeze response and all of the physiological responses required to “save your life.” As your body tries to recover, sometimes it has a difficult time getting back to normal, especially if you’ve been operating with a worn out electrical system due to lack of self-care or chronic stress. You might liken this to a dead battery in your car that needs to be “jumped” to get going again, or an electrical system that needs the circuit breaker and many wires and components replaced.

Generating And Maintaining Healthy Energy

Once you understand that your body is electric, you begin to pay attention to energy shifts and changes and the symptoms that occur as a result. You notice when your energy is high or low, stagnant or excessive, or simply haywire. Knowing who to go to, or what to do to boost the battery, reset the switches, and restore clear and vibrant pathways is vital information to overcome stress and get your body to run properly.

“Just like you want the lights to come on when you want them to, and all of your plug-ins to give life to your devices, you want the energy system of your body to be just as reliable, vibrant and powerful.”

The easiest and most direct way to improve energy in your body is to work with your body’s meridians, the electrical system of the body.

Modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as acupuncture, work with the meridians to improve health and treat disease. Meridians are pathways of chi/energy that innervate and activate the organs of the body, and when the meridian flows are healthy, the organs and physiological systems of the body function harmoniously. Muscles and movement, hormones, blood and bodily fluids, emotions, sleep, higher brain functions, and energy levels are all directly impacted by improving the meridian flows. Maintaining a balanced meridian system, is the key to good health and happiness.

A Touch For Health balance is an ideal way to tune-up your energy system. The reason it feels so good (and often results in mysterious or “magical” outcomes), is because it erases compensatory patterns, directly affects all of the other systems in the body, and promotes whole-body healing. Just like the power in your home, if it’s working right, everything else works right, too.

Hiring a Personal Electrician - Who You Gonna Call?

There will be times when you need support for your electrical system. When the solutions you’ve relied upon are no longer working, or you realize there is a bigger or deeper issue, who do you call?

One way to get support is to reach out to your favorite Energy Coach or Touch For Health Instructor who will assist you in getting your energy moving properly again. The process clears stress, fuels the organs, and allows your body to do what it does best….. heal itself. Touch For Health is used to reset the electrical system so the body can heal itself in the background, allowing you to focus on what is really important LIFE!

Becoming Your Own Electrician

Tuning-up the electrical systems in your body is simple and easy to learn. Anyone can become their own master electrician when they take Touch For Health class. (You’ll also find that in addition to becoming your body’s electrician, you become your own first-responder, massage therapist, counselor, life coach, healer, nutritionist, neurologist, plumber, magician, doctor and empowerment strategist, too!)

“Touch For Health is a wellness system designed to keep families out of the doctor’s office. You learn how to overcome and recover from the stress, problems, and triggers that inevitably occur in life.”

Using Touch For Health results in you feeling good, energized, and happy more often.

The next time things are “off,” in your body or your life, or it feels like you have “popped a circuit” consider that your electrical system may need support. Sometimes it’s as easy as flipping a switch. You just need to know where it is. We can show you.

Blog Co-Written By:

Joyce Bunner, LE Touch For Health Instructor & Energy Coach Sara McRae, LMT

Touch For Health Instructor & Energy Coach


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