Erica Abbe, MS

Intimacy Coach & Certified Sexologist
Touch For Health Kinesiology Energy Coach

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Erica offers clients Intimacy Coaching and Energy Coaching as separate modalities, or as a combined service.

Energy Coaching is done with individuals, and is offered in person.

In Intimacy Coaching, clients are supported and provided tools for attaining increased satisfaction in various areas of intimacy. These include social, emotional, and physical aspects of identity, connection, expression, and engagement. Intimacy Coaching is currently offered in person or remotely via video conference or phone. 


Individuals, couples, or other groups are welcome to work with Erica to maximize both their own understanding and interpersonal areas of growth and relationship dynamics or a wide range of topics tailored to their unique needs and interests. 


Erica welcomes all individuals to benefit from her practice! She also has extensive experience with, and enjoys relating to, individuals within the LGTBQ community, (dis)Ability community, and those involved in polyamorous or “non-traditional” relationship groups. 

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Tune into your body and voice to increase satisfaction and ease in areas of intimacy, communication and connection.

Intimacy Coaching for Individuals, Couples, or Groups

Individual, Couple, or Group work for relationship dynamics and individual expression with a focus on health, growth, and improvement as identified by the participants.  

Topics can include: identity, empowerment, challenges technique, communication and fulfillment.

Let's talk about...


  • Sexual expression, consent, ethics, and safer sex.

  • Health/medical factors that may influence sexuality.

  • Common issues such as: desire discrepancy, lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal, sexual pain, penetration problems and difficulty with orgasm. 

  • Themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people; gender identity and expression. 

  • Cyber sexuality and social media. 

  • Sexual and reproductive anatomy/physiology.

  • Intimacy skills (e.g., social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. 

  • Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles. including, but not limited to, polyamory, swinging, BDSM, and Tantra. 

  • Eroticism talk, massage, and engagement techniques. 

  • Sexual Anatomy/Arousal/Pleasure for self, male, female, non-binary, and trans individuals.

Experience Energy Coaching

Discover balance in all areas of your life. Energy Coaching is a holistic technique that can lead to profound shifts in mood and perspective in a very short span of time.

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Intimacy Coaching

Book an Intimacy Coaching session for guidance in self awareness and empowerment. Topics can include communication, identity, and fulfillment; as well as sexual practices and techniques.

Touch For Health 

Touch For Health (TFH) Is a biofeedback system based in Traditional Chinese Medicine related to natural flow of energy throughout the body along meridians. 
This is often called “Energy Kinesiology.”

TFH utilizes gentle muscle testing to signal areas of energy flow and identify where there are blockages in the flow.  Balancing the energy is then done with various simple corrections through gentle techniques. These may include use of acupressure, neuro-lymphatic or neuro-vascular release, and other methods to restore the body’s energy flow to optimal efficiency.  Often TFH also involves a goal or intention as part of the process.

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Erica's Journey

A long time client of Zenbrio House, Erica experienced the power of Touch for Health balancing in recovery after major orthopedic surgery, postpartum depression, and during difficulties during breastfeeding. She was inspired to expand her education and experience in order to join Zenbrio House as a Touch for Health Energy Coach and Intimacy Coach and fulfill the goal of transitioning her professional life to be in better alignment with her personal interests and talents.

Erica has enjoyed serving people in Eugene for the past 18 years in a variety of professional settings prior to joining the Zenbrio House Wellness Center. Her experience includes successful careers in the fields of Conflict Resolution as a Family Mediator, roles in local government as Human Rights Ombudsperson, Accessibility Equity Inclusion Analyst, and Legal and Finance Analyst, and as a Higher Education Administrator at the University. 


These roles provided Erica with transferrable skills, and vital insights into our local community which inspired her to transition to helping people in more unique, individualized, and personal ways through Touch For Health and Intimacy Coaching modalities.